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CONNY tomorrow (6/4/22)
by posted 06/03/2022

Hello Senior Girls Parents,

Some of you may have already gotten this notification but I know it didnt go to everyone (like me and my wife).  So I am sending it out again.  Sorry to spam those of you who already got this notification.


CONNY Details:

Address for parking:  47 Yale Avenue, New Haven (the parking is a decent hike from the tent area) plan on arriving at 12:25pm to be on time.

We will meet at the team tent in the tent area (Look at the map Coach Scott sent out 5/31 ~3pm) and walk over to field 3 at 12:35pm to warm up.

As in years past CONNY has LAX vendors and Food Trucks coming to the event.  

We have about an hour break between our games during that time we will be hanging out at the tent and having a snack.  Please see Sign Up Genius and plan on bringing something from the list if possible. 


Please make sure the girls are well HYDRATED, we do not want any heat exhaustion this weekend. PLEASE BRING WATER.

Sunblock (for everyone: players, siblings, parents)  is highly recommended, there aren't many places to stay in the shade.

There are no bleachers at the game fields, please bring camping chairs, blankets, etc.

I hope that covers the details, if you have any questions or trouble finding us please text/call me Rob (203-988-5011).  If you don't get a response from me, text/call Scott  (203-751-0618).



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Amity game rescheduled for 6/6/22
by posted 06/01/2022

Hi team,

we were able to reschedule our Amity game for Monday 6/6 at Wolfe park in amity at 6pm.


please respond if you are attending or not once the email reminder goes out.  This helps the coaches figure out how many players we will need from the 8th grade team.


thank you,

coach rob, Mike and Dave

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NCAA Women's Lacrosse Playoffs This Week!!
by posted 05/18/2022

Hi Team,

Here is a GREAT opportunity to watch some of the best woman's lacrossse this week.


This Thursday is historic for Women's College Lacrosse as tournament games are FINALLY being aired live on TV!

“Turn On & Tune In to NCAA Women’s Lacrosse.”

After years of work on the field and behind the scenes, women’s lacrosse will be on television for the NCAA quarterfinal (ESPNU), semifinal (ESPNU), and championship (EPSN) games. This is HUGE for the visibility and growth of the sport! But it can’t stop at just putting the games on – we need a strong fan base tuning in, so we‘re asking every player across the country to turn on their TVs and watch the best in the game!

Below are the matchups and game times. We ask that you spread this information and make it a priority for your coaches, players, and their families to support these games either in person or by watching them on tv. How they support now will have a direct impact on the types of opportunities for their college experience in the future!

Thank you for your help in growing the game with us!

Liz Robertshaw

IWLCA Executive Director

Thursday, May 19

Division I NCAA Quarterfinal Thursday on ESPNU

12:00 pm - Florida at Maryland

2:30 pm - Loyola at Boston College

5:00 pm - Syracuse at Northwestern

7:30 pm - Stony Brook at North Carolina

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Orange Team - 5/17/22 Game Canceled / Weekend Game Schedule
by posted 05/16/2022

Hi Team,

                The game for 5/17/22 against Amity had to be canceled.  MYL did everything we could to keep this game scheduled but due to the rain, high school game make-ups and not enough referees, we had no choice.  We have practice on Thursday, so work hard because we have a weekend of lacrosse games!!!!

  • Saturday (5/21/22) in Milford at the YMCA (front field) at 3:15pm against North Branford. 
  • Jamboree the next day (5/22/22) in Amity that starts at noon.


Be sure to keep an eye on your emails for any team updates.


Go Mustangs!!!

Coach Rob, Mike & Dave

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Week of 3/27/22
by posted 03/27/2022

Hi Team,

                It was great to get the girls back on the field.  Practice Monday (3/28) is cancelled due to the weather forecast.  Practice starts again on Thursday 5:30pm – 7:00pm at the KMT Foran High School field. 

Our first scrimmage is on Sunday (4/3) 1:30pm at against Amity at Orange, Fred Wolfe Park. Please arrive 30 minutes before the game to allow everyone to warm up.

Practices and games have been added to our schedule.  Please respond to the MYL emails asking if your child will be attending a practice or game. Game responses are extremely important, it allows us to prep or even cancel a game, do to not enough participants.

A few of you may have gotten an email titled “Your team needs you!” with no subject.  This was sent from the “Sport Signup Play” app.  This app can be downloaded with either Google Play or App Store.  Look for “SportSignup Play”. Use the same credentials you use to sign onto the MYL site.  It is easier to use than the web site.


Thank you,

Coach Rob


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Milford Youth Lacrosse 2022 Season!
by posted 03/14/2022

Hello Senior Girls 7/8 (Orange) Families,

It’s that time of year again, the Milford Youth Lacrosse (MYL) season is right around the corner, in fact our first practice is Monday (3/21) and again on Thursday (3/24) from 5:30pm – 7:00pm at the Kelly Martin Tighe (KMT) turf fields, located at 9 French Drive (right next to the Foran High School athletic fields).  The first few weeks we will run out of daylight so expect practices to end closer to 6:30.

Once we get started, I will send out an email to All Senior (Orange) parents every week, outlining the schedule for the upcoming week.  Please read through the information below and contact me if you have any questions or concerns.



Senior Girls Orange (7th graders) – Rob Warakomski and Michael Scanlon. 



When using the MYL website refer to the Senior Girls 7/8 Orange team here.



Bring the following completed forms to our first practice:

  • Parent Consent/Medical Release form here.
  • Code of Conduct form here.

These forms are mandatory and must be completely filled out or your child will not be allowed to participate in practice. 



At the moment, we have not been given any COVID restrictions that we need to adhere to. Masks are not required, but players/parents/spectators may wear them if desired.



In addition to having a stick, all players are required to wear goggles and a mouthguard. Detailed information is on pages 4 and 5 here. Girls have the option to wear headgear (it is not mandatory). There are only two approved models (Cascade and Hummingbird), and more information about headgear can be found here.



All practices will be on Mondays and Thursdays from 5:30pm – 7:00pm at the Kelly Martin Tighe (KMT) turf fields, located at 9 French Drive (right next to the Foran High School athletic fields).  Please arrive a few minutes early so at 5:30 the girls can hit the ground running.  Only games will be loaded on the MYL website schedule, practices will not be loaded on the schedule. 



Most games are on Saturdays or Sundays (sometimes both), with a few weekday games with closer towns mixed in. When weekday games occur, they may affect the locations of practices. Games will be added to each teams schedule on our website in the coming week. http://milfordyouthlacrosse.org/Schedule.asp?org=MILFORDYOUTHLACROSSE.ORG.  All players should arrive early, so that they are ready to start warming up 30 minutes before the starting time.




US Lacrosse's 2022 Youth Girls Rulebook can be found here.


US Lacrosse's "Girls Game Overview" page can be found here.


USA Lacrosse - 2022 Girls Youth Rules Interpretation video here.


USA Lacrosse - 2022 Girls Youth Rules Interpretation document here.


MYL is a member of the Connecticut New York Youth Lacrosse Association (CONNY). It is the governing body for our area, even though some of the other leagues we play are not members. We follow USL rules, and sometimes CONNY invokes further rules/guidelines. Each division will be entered into their respective CONNY Tournament [Jamboree] at the end of the season (end of May, beginning of June).


Helpful Information

- MYL Website http://milfordyouthlacrosse.org


 Linking the MYL schedule to your mobile phone.

1/ goto http://milfordyouthlacrosse.org from your mobile device

2/ Home >> Full Site

3/ Teams >> Multi Schedule >> Select Senior Orange

4/ Click Submit on bottom of page

5/ Goto Options

6/ Calendar feed


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you and looking forward to a great season,


Rob Warakomski


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